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We solve 85% of emergency abortions in less than 30 minutes from arriving time. Calling an emergency Doctor doesn’t have to cost the earth, we offer a competitive rates starting at just 100 AED.


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Cytotec comprimé in Dubai pharmacy, the usual dosage of Cytotec abortion pill is 1-2-3 or 4 times a day. Cytotec tablet is best taken with food. Do not take Cytotec on an empty stomach. Follow your doctor’s instructions exactly, on how much Cytotec abortion pill to take, and for how long to take it.

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Mifegest kit are two oral medicines (tablets) that, when taken in the correct sequence, cause the termination of pregnancy called abortion. This is also known as ‘medical termination’ of pregnancy, and is different from ‘surgical termination’.

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You can get free abortion pills online, it work 100% with no side effect. The Cytotec abortion pill work best up to 4-5 weeks of pregnancy. Misoprostol and mifepristone can then be use, the abortion pill cost: the abortion in UAE for sale depends on their side effect. Where i can buy abortion pills in Sharjah and does abortion pills damage the womb? Can i get abortion pills in pharmacy, this is a thousand question asked in regard to where i can buy abortion pills in Dubai, where to get abortion pills, abortion pill Dubai.