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Revirginity  with virginity pills

Revirginity Virginity meaning; this is a state of never having had sexual intercourse.  In UAE, people will their search for Virginity Pills or Virginity drugs to bring back their virginity.

Women Can Now Trick Men into Believing they Are Virgin with \’Fake Blood Capsule\’.

Women can now trick men into believing they are still virgin with \’fake Virginity Pills’. I-virgin essentially claims to provide \”fake blood for the first night\” for women who aren\’t virgins or do not possess the hymen, which of course, is the ultimate proof of virginity in the United Arab Emirates.

Virginity Pills: A pill that releases red liquid

Starting in the 1990s, another option appeared for women wanting to fake their virginity: pills that are supposed to make it seem as if a woman has an intact hymen. The prices of these pills vary widely, but most seem to work in the same way. About an hour before having sex, the woman is supposed to put a pill in her vagina. When the pill becomes damp, its exterior softens. During penetration, the exterior breaks and releases a red liquid, which is supposed to trick the husband.

In recent years, more and more ads for these pills have been popping up on both Telegram, an encrypted instant messaging service that is extremely popular in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) which is also widely used.

Women can order these pills to whichever postal address they want in just a few clicks. The ads promise to deliver the pills in plain packaging so as not to arouse suspicion. The price usually varies between 1000 AED – 3000AED depending the quality you want (equivalent to between 100 and 300 euros).

How does an artificial hymen kit work?

A very popular artificial hymen repair kit that is medically recommended and highly trusted is Spentohimen Artificial Hymen. The kit comes with two sterile cellulose membranes.

It contains blood and helps regain the experience of virginity which may be lost due to earlier sexual intercourse, strenuous physical activities, or any accident.

The product is natural with no side effects. The kit is convenient to use and causes no pain during sexual intercourse.

During sexual penetration, the membrane created by the artificial hymen breaks, and the synthetic blood will ooze out, thus simulating the breakdown of the hymen.

Virginity capsule side effects

It’s confirmed that using capsules such as these could have adverse side effects as well, although rare since these are for one-time use.

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